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By Jacob Best

Fowl Outlook At ACS

            Southwest Distributing Night damp conditions and no sun breaking through the gray skies made for a cancellation of that night’s festivities. Geese filled the pit pads on the infield and only the broadcast of Pit Side Live was heard under the grandstands.

McAtee, Davison, Purdy and Ramsey

            Chat Mobility Hobby Stocks are going to have an epic showdown on R&S Auto Championship Night. These four drivers have had some of the great moments this year and Saturday will be no different. Matt McAtee, Andy Davison, Jeremy Purdy and Luke Ramsey are all reaching for the honor of calling themselves the champ for 2015. Double features and a roaring crowd are expected to have these athletes push their machines to their outer limits. Tom Myers and Dave Weeda are battling to see who will round out this year’s top five. Jerid Lund, Chris Bates, Buck Schafroth, Kurt Hansen, Curtis Gaunt, Anthony Fletchall, Jerry Richards, Todd Schmitt and Tim McCollum will go door-to-door to see how the top 15 will fill out.

Weston, Jenkins and Havens

            Bigger upsets have been pulled off before under the lights at Adams County Speedway as Stalker Chevrolet B-mods take to the track. Jerod Weston, Ryan Jenkins and Kody Havens all have a good chance of being crowned this year’s champion. With two features to go anything is possible. Bryce Allen, Shawn Kralik, Josh Sink, Craig Garner and David Schwartz will figure out a half-mile at a time, who will be in the top five at the end of the night. Dustin Sheppard, Josh Most, Troy Fudge, Dusti Carlise, Bret Sheppard, Tyler Fudge, Andrew Clark and Ralph Risius will see what their B-mods are made of when the top 15 is decided and their last double checkers fly.

Derry and Sharp

            Northland Oil Pro-stock’s champion looks to be decided between two drivers and two races. Brad Derry and Kevin Sharp will go toe-to-toe or tire-to-tire as it were with only two races to see who drives away with the title. Joe Zadina and Greg Miller are tied right behind them pushing each other as two legends do. This year nothing but talent will be behind these four as David Nail Jr., AJ Miller, Chad Helvie, Jerry Pritchett, Jason Rold and James Carroll look to fill out the top 10.

Dennis Looks To Wrap It Up, But Heat Rises Behind

            Jesse Dennis is set to claim another championship in his POET Biorefining Modified and competition couldn’t be any hotter on his heels. Jeff Wiggins, Brian Foote, Jon Plowman, Clint Homan, Jeff James, and Todd Van Eaton are ready to burn up the track with proving who should be in the top 5. John Davis, Brad Bergren, Josh Most, Dylan Book, Ben Wolverton, and TJ Patterson are juggling for position in the top 13. Top 15 is just going to be a blast to watch as David Schwartz, Josh Sink, Jerod Weston, Dustin Sheppard and Bret Sheppard all look to take the last two spots in the top 15.

Glendenning, Perkins, Hampel

            Could it be more epic, could it be more home style, could it be more nerve racking….well we’d like to think not. Three men stand off against each other to bring home the championship in their Coors Light Silver Bullet Late Models. Two formers champs, Paul Glendenning and John Hampel, and the new kid “Wild Child” Sterling Perkins looking to dig his race gloves into his first title. With only 16 points separating them and two races to go out and give the crowd not just one, but two great shows in one night will be at the least a night to remember. Colton Leal and father Mike Leal will try to hold off JC Wyman, Randy Foote, Dave Carlisle and Corey Zeitner to stay in the top 5 and hope that the great drivers behind them in points will settle out the top 10.

R & S Auto Night Brings

Double Features, 3 King Of The Hills, Pace Truck Give-a-way

Saturday September 5th, 2015

            If a fan could ask for more on a championship night at the fast half-mile I don’t know what could be added. Five classes set to run double features while points are close enough that many drivers have a shot at the titles. Three classes pushing it to the finale as they finish their season with King Of The Hill races. R&S Auto giving away the 2015 Adams County Speedway Pace Truck. ACS sure to give something extra to the fans, and being able to do it all with the greatest Fans, Drivers, Race Crews, Officials, Fire and Safety Crews, Fair Board Members and Volunteers around. It just doesn’t get any better. 












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